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Press Kit
  • Rebecca Heykes, Founder of Loyal Footwear, Featured on Bravo's Project Runway, Season 19, Episode 6 - Fashion is Back, Baby!

    Bravo's Project Runway - S19, E6: Fashion is Back, Baby!

    "Project Runway's designers collaborate with some of NYC's most talented accessory designers to create a coordinated, one-of-a-kind look and new accessory!"

  • Rebecca Heykes, Founder of Loyal Footwear, Featured in Real Simple Magazine:

    Real Simple Magazine: 3 Fresh Ways to Style a Little Black Dress

    "That staple in your closet is more versatile than you think—here's how to style a little black dress for any occasion: Add a jacket and scarf. To buy: The Lizzy Boot."

  • PETA: Shoe Shopping Made Easy: Vegan Shoes From 100% Vegan Brands

    Just as ordering vegan food is simplest at a fully vegan restaurant, shopping for vegan shoes is easiest when buying from 100% vegan brands.

  • Piñatex: #MadeFromPiñatex

    "Piñatex® is a versatile natural textile, suitable for use as a leather alternative from fashion to furnishing. Breathable, moldable, durable - a natural choice for shoes."

  • Footwear News: Fruit Could Be the New Frontier in Sustainable, Leather-Free Footwear

    "Piñatex [pineapple leather] is currently used in footwear collections by brands like Hugo Boss, Rombaut and Loyal Footwear."

  • Top Vegan Shoes: American-Made Vegan Shoes - All Vegan Shoes Made In USA 2021

    We are really excited to introduce you to our list of vegan shoes made ethically here in the USA from top cruelty-free materials.

  • Cruelty-Free Kitty: The Complete List of Vegan Shoes From 100% Vegan Brands

    "An easy way to ensure the shoes you're buying are vegan is to buy them from a 100% vegan shoe brand."

  • No Kill Magazine: The Insanely Stylish Vegan Brand We’re Supporting on Kickstarter

    "When something feels like a game changer it's not more of the same, it's significantly better. And Loyal Footwear is exactly that."

  • HEALabel: 2022 Top Vegan Clothing Brands List

    "Loyal Footwear is vegan, cruelty free, soft, comfortable, with contemporary styles...uses plant based textiles, recycled soling rubber, durable, high quality microfiber vegan leathers, made and based in the USA."

  • USA Love List: Vegan Shoe Brands - A Made in The USA Source List

    "Over the years we have had many readers write us to request a list of vegan shoe brands made in USA. Well, here it is!"

  • Capsule Closet: Learning About Vegan Leather with Loyal Footwear

    "The material is structured, but super soft, meaning it’s comfortable right out of the box. All my quality-based preconceptions about vegan leather have gone out the window with these heels."

  • The Hoboken Girl: A Vegan Footwear Line Based in Hoboken

    "Loyal Footwear is the convergence of all of their beliefs of how to be a better being durable and repairable, made-to-order, in small batches...prioritizing fit and comfort."

  • New Jersey Monthly: A Hoboken Startup Devoted to Sustainable Shoemaking

    "Rebecca Heykes...founder of Loyal Footwear, produces supportive-yet-stylish shoes with cutting-edge materials and ethical practices."

  • The Materialist: Loyal Footwear

    "We’re excited to launch a new series of founder interviews with pioneering vegan brands that we love, starting with Rebecca Heykes, founder of Loyal Footwear."

  • Kickstarter: Loyal Footwear - Comfy Vegan Shoes Made by Hand in the USA

    "Choose from eight styles of shoes utilizing the highest quality vegan leathers made-to-order in Hoboken, NJ. $46,725 pledged of $35,000 goal."

  • Indiegogo: Loyal Footwear - Comfy Vegan Shoes Made in the USA

    After reaching their stretch goal of $45K on Kickstarter, a second round of production was offered on Indiegogo bringing their total raise to $50,865.